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Welcome to GooseFX

What is GooseFX?

GooseFX is a full suite DeFi & NFT exchange built on the Solana blockchain offering a variety of unique decentralized peer-to-peer financial products. We are a complete DeFi experience where you can trade cryptocurrencies, futures, NFTs all through one interface while utilizing your capital across all features seamlessly. GooseFX provides a one stop exchange for trading, swaps, NFTs, and liquidity pools as the first and only super app on Solana.

Key Features:

  • Perpetual Futures DEX based on a CLOB design (not AMM or synthetic)
  • NFT Aggregator
  • Single Sided Liquidity Pools & Staking

The Team

The GooseFX team consists of ambitious individuals with various backgrounds including several years of experience in crypto, blockchain development, and quantitative trading. Before we began, we reached out to many users in the DeFi/NFT and Solana ecosystem to get their feedback and understand what needs to be implemented to provide the best DeFi & NFT suite across the ecosystem. The combined programming experience of the team is over 25 years with over a decade of combined experience in crypto markets.
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