🪙How to stake / unstake GOFX

A walkthrough to stake or unstake $GOFX tokens on GooseFX

Learn about $GOFX stake program

  • Stake $GOFX earn $USDC (Revenue Share) 👇

How to Stake $GOFX

  • Click Rewards tab on top right of the platform after connecting your Solana wallet.

  • Enter your desired amount of $GOFX tokens you want to stake and click the "Stake" button

Disclaimer! You must wait 7 days after Unstaking to reclaim your GOFX. No rewards will be earned on the "Unstaked" $GOFX tokens for these 7 days.

How to Unstake $GOFX

  • Click unstake and enter your desired amount of tokens you want to unstake.

  • Click "Yes, Continue with Cooldown" to unstake the tokens.

  • Click "See all active cooldowns" to monitor the progress

  • After 7 days you will be able to claim your unstaked tokens by clicking "Unstake GOFX"

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