Official Game Webpage: NestQuest.io

NestQuest is a gamified leaderboard and rewards tracking program intended to promote the launch of each of the GooseFX platform features. Play the game, gain prestige in the GooseFX community and level up your NFT to unlock additional rewards and added benefits on the platform. Added benefits include:

  • Reduced platform fees

  • Priority access on future features

  • Access the NestQuest NFT Gated discord channels

  • Level 6 Citadel NFT will grant permanent whitelist access to our NFT Launchpad

There are a total of 25,002 NQ NFTs in the NestQuest Collection. This is a strategic total supply amount that encompasses in-game logic.

Where Can I get a NestQuest Egg?

The NestQuest Eggs are available for purchase for 1 SOL or 500 GOFX (~50% discount) here:

You can find higher Tiers listed for sale on several exchanges:

What's so cool about NestQuest?

Dynamic Attribute Assignment System - DAAS

NestQuest utilizes a dynamic attribute assignment system(DAAS) during the NFT evolution process. During the evolution window, the NFTs selected for evolution randomly assign the next Tier NFT. This gives all NQ NFTs the same opportunity for attributes and rarity when they evolve.

What hatches from the egg is randomly determined and assigned during the incubation process. The attributes that are inherited when the egg hatches stay with the NFT and as it evolves further it can acquire additional attributes. The breakdown of the probabilities of each Tier 2 Hatchling is shown below.

Proof of Work NFT

NestQuest has created a new form of NFT that tracks user activity to advance through the Tiers. We are calling this a Proof of Work NFT because each Tier the NFT advances requires directed effort. The higher the Tiers, the more stored effort the NFT has.


If you have trouble connecting your wallet please use the approved wallets Phantom, Slope, Solflare, or Ledger. Try clearing your cache and using a different browser. Please make sure you have some SOL in your wallet to approve transactions.

You can ONLY evolve your Tier 1 Egg NFT once. That means it will evolve after 30 days from an Egg to a Hatchling. Once it is evolved, it will not allow you to evolve again. If you have multiple eggs however, you are able to evolve them after incubating for 30 days.

If you are still having issues make sure you have enough SOL in your wallet to approve the transaction. If you are having issues with NQ please use this URL to produce a bug report: https://nestquest.io/?debug=true and please post in the #support channel of our Discord.

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