GooseFX Whitepaper

GooseFX Rewards Program

Details around the GOFX platform rewards program - Program starts with the Nest NFT marketplace launch to mainnet.

GooseFX Rewards Program Details

  • Total Pool of GOFX tokens to be distributed to users: 42,069,000 GOFX
  • Promotional NFT Marketplace Fee 1%

How do you earn rewards?

  • 25 GOFX Unique listing bonus for all eligible NFTs for the first 100,000 listings.
    (*capped total reward per user)
  • Wormhole any eligible NFT over to Solana and list on the Nest marketplace for a bonus
  • NFT sales also reward users with a split of the 1% fee.
    • Fee Split Example:
      • Sell an NFT for 100 Solana.
      • 1% fee would be 1 SOL
      • 1 SOL * 50% = 0.5 SOL
      • The value of 0.5 SOL is then split between the buyer and seller accounts and GOFX for that equivalent amount is awarded to those users.