🤝Market Maker Reward Program

Rewards Program for Market Makers

Our Market Maker Reward Program is designed to incentivize liquidity provision and reward active participants.

Program Fees

As a market maker on GooseFX, you enjoy competitive fee structures that encourage active participation and liquidity provision.

Maker Fee: 0.02% (2bps) Taker Fee: 0.04% (4 bps) These are base fees, rebates are below based on volume.

Tiered Rebate Structure:

Our Market Maker Program operates on a tiered system based on your trading volume over the past 7 days. The more volume you contribute, the higher your tier and the greater your maker rebate.

Tier7D Volume RequirementMaker RebateTaker Rebate


5% of exchange maker volume

-0.01% (-1 bps)



10% of exchange maker volume

-0.02% (-2 bps)



15% of exchange maker volume

-0.03% (-3 bps)


Maker Token and Cash Bonus

As an additional reward, we offer a Maker Token and Cash Bonus to our top market makers for Perpetual Futures on a weekly basis. By achieving high trading volumes, you can earn significant bonuses.

Rank7D Volume RequirementCash Bonus$GOFX Bonus


Top market maker for the week

$500 USDC

10,000 GOFX


Second largest share of maker volume

$250 USDC

5,000 GOFX


Third largest share of maker volume

$100 USDC

2,500 GOFX

Please note that the cash and token bonuses are subject to change based on program updates and market conditions. Uptime Requirement

Minimum $2.5K USD notional depth on both sides of the book ($5K USD in total) within a 40bps spread. Market makers must meet this requirement for 90% of the epoch for all markets currently listed.

Join the Market Maker Program: Drop a DM on @GooseFX1

By becoming a market maker, you contribute to the overall liquidity and efficiency of our platform while enjoying reduced fees and bonus rewards. Join the program today and be part of the vibrant ecosystem of GooseFX!

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