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Learn about how we calculate points, loyalty, and PnL

Our loyalty system is designed to reward active users. Your loyalty score starts at 0% and increases as you engage more on the platform. Earn loyalty points based on your trading volume and trading frequency. The more you trade and participate, the higher your loyalty score will be.

More Volume → More POINTS Trade Regularly → Higher LOYALTY Higher Loyalty → More POINTS Higher PnL→ Does NOT affect points

Categories of Points

We display three types of points:

  • 24hr points: All points collected within the last 24 hours.

  • 14D points: All points collected within the last 14 days.

  • Total points: All points collected over your lifetime on GooseFX Perps [Devnet].

Reward Distribution

Just like the NFT Leaderboard, the Perpetuals Leaderboard on GooseFX Mainnet also offers exciting rewards for our top-performing traders.

Biweekly Reset

  • Every 14 days, we reset the points to start a fresh and thrilling biweekly competition.

  • Don't worry, your hard-earned loyalty score remains intact and unaffected by this reset.

Total Points Accumulation

  • Throughout the season, your total points continue to accumulate, reflecting your overall trading performance.

  • This allows you to compete for top positions on the leaderboard and claim monthly rewards.

Points Reset

  • The points in the 24hr and 14D categories reset every 14 days, specifically on Monday at 00:00 UTC.

Amazing Prizes

  • Within 48 hours of each biweekly reset, GooseFX will distribute rewards to the winners based on their positions on the Perpetuals Leaderboard.

  • As a top-performing trader, you'll not only receive prizes but also earn recognition among the GooseFX community.

Coming Soon - Season 1

  • In the upcoming Season 1, we are introducing a new and improved point system for the Perpetuals Leaderboard.

  • All rewards will be sent out automatically on-chain via the rewards tab on our platform, ensuring a seamless experience for all winners.

Lottery - Additional Chance to Win

  • Excitingly, the Perpetuals Leaderboard also offers a lottery draw, providing additional chances to win prizes.

  • By simply interacting with the platform and actively trading, you'll automatically be enrolled in the lottery.

  • Lucky users will receive airdropped lottery winnings and get notified to redeem the prize on the platform.

Get Ready for an Exciting Journey! Participate actively, earn points, and increase your loyalty to stand a chance to win big!

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