🔗Referral Program

Refer your friends and earn 20% of their perps taker fees in USDC!

  • Create a trader account by navigating to the trade tab and clicking the 'Deposit/Withdraw' button

  • Deposit any amount of USDC

  • Once you have deposited some amount of USDC click the 'Rewards' button in the navigation bar and click the 'Refer' tab

  • You should now see your referral link!


Let's say Bob refers Alice using his referral link and Alice generates $10,000 of taker volume. This would generate $10,000 * 0.001 = $10 in fees. Since Bob will earn 20% of those fees he receives $2 claimable in USDC.

Is this on-chain?

Yes! Our referral program is powered by Buddylink and everything is verifiable on-chain.

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