Revolutionizing DeFi with Single-Sided Liquidity Pools and Concentrated Liquidity Swap
Welcome to GooseFX - a novel DeFi solution that incorporates a brand new Single-Sided Liquidity or SSL pool design and a unique swap utilising a new flexible liquidity mechanism.
SSL or Single Sided Liquidity pools are pools where users can provide only one type of asset to earn yield rather than requiring both assets as opposed to traditional liquidity pools.
This platform aims to reshape the DeFi landscape by enhancing user experience and market efficiency, ensuring optimum returns for liquidity providers or LPs and traders alike.
Our objective with the SSL pools is to elevate and streamline the user experience for yield generation while at the same time ensuring optimum and sustainable returns for the liquidity providers.

Single-Sided Liquidity v2: Sustainable and efficient yield

GooseFX is proud to launch the second iteration of its Single-Sided Liquidity provision, GooseFX SSL v2.
SSL v2 builds on top of the strong foundation of GooseFX SSL v1, with innovative features like concentrated liquidity, and loss protection. This version introduces innovative safeguards and functionalities, revolutionizing the user experience while providing LPs even greater protection and capital efficiency.

Note: The sections below discuss the features of our novel Single Sided liquidity pools v1. You can visit this page to understand more about our newest offering; SSL V2

Single-Sided Liquidity v1: [SSL v1]

Traditional liquidity provision methods often require users to supply an equal ratio of two different tokens, making the process complicated and uninviting for new users. GooseFX SSL v1 revolutionizes this approach by introducing single-sided liquidity pools. With this feature, users can contribute liquidity using just one asset, significantly simplifying the process and making DeFi more accessible to a broader audience.
Visit our blog to learn more about Single Sided Liquidity pools v1

Concentrated Liquidity Swap: Optimizing Trading Efficiency [SSL v1]

Leveraging the power of concentrated liquidity, GooseFX SSL v1 has created a unique swap mechanism to improve trading efficiency and reduce slippage. It uses a special curve to concentrate liquidity around the current market price, making trading more efficient and less prone to price impact. Moreover, the dynamic price adjustment feature allows prices to switch flexibly between the curve and the oracle, ensuring fair and market-aligned pricing while offering protection for LPs.

Benefits for Liquidity Providers and Traders [SSL v1]

GooseFX SSL v1 offers enhanced benefits for both LPs and traders. LPs can easily participate and provide liquidity in a simple manner. As there is only a single asset that needs to be deposited, the LPs also enjoy protection against impermanent loss.
Check out our blog where we help you understand what Impermanent Loss is!
Traders, on the other hand, can leverage the best price combinations made possible through our integration with the Jupiter Swap aggregator.