🪙Dynamic Single-Sided Liquidity Pools

GooseFX SSL v2: Advanced Single-Sided Liquidity Pools


GooseFX is proud to unveil the second iteration of its Single-Sided Liquidity (SSL) provision, GooseFX SSL v2.

SSL or Single Sided Liquidity pools are liquidity pools where users can provide only one type of asset to earn yield rather than requiring both assets as opposed to traditional liquidity pools.

This version builds upon the features of GooseFX SSL v1 and boosts these capabilities with innovative functionalities to grant the liquidity providers or LPs even greater protection and capital efficiency.

Note: Our SSL v2 is currently in closed beta. To get access to it, visit our twitter thread


This overview presents a brief look into the key features of the latest version of our offering - SSL v2 and how it has improved upon its former version.

To deposit your assets into SSL v2, check out our Farm page

Better SSL Swap Pricing

  • Our exchange rates are based on enhanced price references. This ensures users get a fair trade value for any assets. The system also uses historical data and some manual settings to decide these rates.

Improved SSL Pool Organization

  • SSL Pools are now grouped by domains, allowing them to easily trade with each other. The PoolRegistry manages these groupings and settings of each pool. Only pools in the same group can trade with each other.

Easy Participation in SSL Liquidity

  • We've simplified the process for users to become liquidity providers. By making a special account for an SSL Pool, users can deposit or withdraw their funds anytime. They also get a share of the fees as a reward, which they can collect anytime.

Primary and Secondary Tokens in SSL Pools

  • Every SSL Pool has a main token, which is its primary source of funds. There are also other assets in the same group called "secondary" tokens. The system first tries to use secondary balances for trading and if that's not possible, it uses the main funds with certain restrictions.

Keeping Track of Price History

  • We have special accounts to record historical prices, which are updated regularly. These prices come from reliable sources such as Pyth oracles.

Effortless Swaps Within Pools

  • We have a new feature allowing easy transfers between pools for best fund distribution. This uses the latest price data to ensure trades are fair and accurate.

Original Features from GooseFX SSL v1

GooseFX SSL v2 continues to uphold the avant-garde benefits introduced in GooseFX SSL v1. These encompass single-sided liquidity provision, auto-compounding, and intelligent market-making using both pool and oracle prices.


GooseFX SSL v2 is a big stride in Solana DeFi, delivering an upgraded and intuitive liquidity provision experience. The v2 version not only preserves the merits of v1 but also infuses new functionalities for advanced risk management and capital productivity.

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