🚀Nest NFT Launchpad

NFT Aggregator Deprecated [DEC 2023]

At GooseFX we pay close attention to problems which plague the NFT ecosystem, in particularly what our customers desire but might not fully comprehend; such as mint botting and rug insurance. With our launchpad implementation we are taking a number of unique steps forward for the NFT scene as a whole on Solana with thoughtful mechanics and optionality to help increase transparency for both creators and collectors.

Launchpad Features

  • Multicurrency support (SOL and USDC)

  • Optional Creator Vesting

  • Mint Freeze Period

  • Unique Civic Captcha Pass enforced mints

  • Wallet-Based On-chain Whitelist

  • Hidden Reveal

First, we are introducing multi-currency support for our Launchpad so collectors can choose which asset they want to hold during market fluctuations without being locked into a particular crypto to participate in mints.

Second, we will introduce Option Creator Vesting for mint funds. We feel this option will offer collectors more confidence in the projects they choose to mint. Creators can assign milestones, and vesting time lines to show off how they are intending to build their community post mint. This can also including a voting mechanism for communities to propose refunds if projects fail to hit their promised project deliverables or choose to abandon them completely.

Third, our newly designed and unique mint process has both anti-botting and fairness in mind. The mint process starts with a pre-defined mint queue period, where users are required to complete a captcha to get into line for the mint. We have partnered with Civic, and utilize their Captcha Pass functionality for this feature. During this mint queue period only one mint transaction per address is allowed to promote fairness and access to as many interested parties as possible. After the period is complete that queue of mint transactions is sent through to be processed, and we open up the Candy Machine for any un-minted NFTs, which become First Come First Serve.

Fourth, we will be adding various whitelist perks to benefit platform users. This will include guaranteed whitelist spots for all Tier 6 NestQuest NFT holders, as well as a "Golden Ticket" whitelist component. The Golden Tickets will be sold and distributed through our marketing promotions and ticket holders will be able to register for whitelist spots as we prepare for project launches.

Most recently, we added the Hidden Reveal feature to give creators added flexibility during their mints. This feature enables a default image to be utilized for the collection mint, until a specified future time when all of the NFTs will become visible to the minting users. This interaction ads another bit of mystery for minters and allows for more coordinated mint events.

Future Enhancements

Civic Facial Scan - Proof of Uniqueness Whitelisting - We are still investigating this option, and think that there may be a future use for this technology in NFT mints

Creator Vesting Schedule Templates and Refund Voting Process - Because of how unique and new this feature is we are researching the best ways to implement these processes in a meaningful way to serve their intended purpose.

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