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NFTs on GooseFX: A Unified Marketplace and Aggregator

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The rapid growth of the NFT space signals a pivotal change in how we interact with art, collectibles, music, and in-game assets. GooseFX leverages this opportunity to foster the NFT and creator economy within the Solana ecosystem.

Our Goose Nest NFT marketplace aims to create a harmonious space where digital creators, physical makers, and blockchain NFT markets can thrive. We strive to build a platform that caters to all these sectors individually and collectively.

The Nest marketplace employs the cutting-edge Metaplex auction house contract. This contract transforms the way users engage with their NFTs. It allows NFT owners to maintain custody of their assets while they are listed on the marketplace and while receiving offers. The contract also supports self-executing auction house listings, eliminating the need for users to manually accept offers. This innovative contract significantly improves market efficiency, facilitates market-wide listings, and minimizes user intervention in transaction execution.

A unique aspect of this contract is the profound understanding of collection pricing it offers, leading to better liquidity data in the form of active bids. This redefines the concept of the "floor price" for NFT collections, shifting its meaning towards sell pressure rather than being a primary data point. This contract holds immense implications for both collectors and sellers, driving a shift toward this new NFT marketplace standard.

GooseFX recognizes the vast potential in the overlap of digital content creation and licensing, especially in the game development and 3D printing sectors. We aim to be the marketplace hub for all creators in the Solana ecosystem. From picking out basic game assets for metaverse projects to purchasing NFTs and their corresponding file types for replication, the Nest marketplace supports both the digital and physical creator economies.

Our NFT aggregator integrates with several Metaplex auction house contracts, including Magic Eden, Tensor, and Hyperspace, featuring the most popular collections. Additionally, our NFT appraisal engine provides valuations for these popular collections, further enhancing our platform's value proposition.

Nest Marketplace Launch Functionality:

  • Basic search and filter functionality by collection, attribute, prices, verified creators, and more.

  • Creator signup and verification.

  • NFT Collection Registration and Listing.

  • Ability to bid on listed and unlisted NFTs.

Dive into the world of NFTs with GooseFX, your trusted partner in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

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