GooseFX Whitepaper

Nest NFT Exchange

Concept Overview

The NFT space has been growing at an unprecedented rate. NFTs will change the way people purchase and interact with art, collectibles, music and in-game assets. At GooseFX, we see this opportunity and will help grow the ecosystem by developing infrastructure to support NFTs and the creator economy throughout the Solana ecosystem.
Our aim with the Goose Nest NFT marketplace is to bring digital creators, physical makers and blockchain NFT markets together. What we are building is intended to support all sectors individually and collectively.
First off, with Wormhole integration, users will be able to bring their entire NFT collection to the highly efficient Solana blockchain. This gives way to the next aspect of the plan.
The Nest marketplace will be utilizing the new Metaplex auction house contract. This contract enables users to maintain custody of their NFTs while keeping them on the marketplace and fielding offers; listing an NFT no longer excludes a user from the benefits of owning that item. The contract also supports self-executing auction house listings, so users will no longer have to navigate back to a market listing to accept offers, the contract can accept it on their behalf.
This new contract will increase market efficiency dramatically with its emphasis on market-wide listings and reduced user intervention for transaction execution. We will also be able to develop a better understanding of collection pricing with this functionality. This also leads to better liquidity data in the form of active bids. No longer will the "floor price" be the a leading data point for NFT collections; we can now refer to the floor price as what it truly is -- sell pressure.
The implications are huge for collectors and sellers alike, and the more marketplaces which adopt this new contract the better. We cannot wait to see what else comes out of this newly realized NFT marketplace standard.

Untapped Potential

We also see a tremendous amount of industry overlap when it comes to creating digital content and licensing permissions for that content, specifically across the game development space and 3D printing industry. It is our goal to be the marketplace hub for all creators in the Solana ecosystem. Developers can quickly come pick out basic game assets and bring them into their metaverse projects to speed up their game creation efforts.
Whether you want to build in the digital realm or the physical realm, purchasing NFTs and their corresponding file types to reproduce these forms will be supported. The Nest marketplace will focus on supporting the physical creator economy and offer makers a blockchain-based marketplace to purchase their asset files with corresponding licenses.

Nest Marketplace Launch Functionality

  • Basic search and filter functionality - by collection, attribute, prices, verified creators, etc.
  • Creator signup and verification
  • NFT Collection Registration and Listing
  • Bid on Listed and Unlisted NFTs

Nest Marketplace Future Enhancements

Along with the implementation of the new Metaplex auction house contract, we are working on a number of NFT related products that should become available in the new year. The intent of these products is to harness the new auction house functionality and build out straightforward, efficient tools to enhance the Solana NFT user experience.
NFT Collateralized Loans — Maintain ownership and unlock capital from your high-value blue-chip NFTs through peer-to-peer loan contracts. Our platform will match lenders and NFT owners through a loan drafting system to fulfill NFT collateral backed loans in which users can extract liquid capital from their NFT collections.
Cross Chain NFTs — We are all about promoting market efficiency, and what better way than directly supporting the worm-holing of assets to the highly efficient Solana blockchain. Get your NFTs off of the high fee networks and utilize the friction-less Solana network. The Solana network, with its lower fees and faster transactions, also gives way to a much better experience with our next topic.
NFT Fractionalization — Bring additional liquidity to high-valued assets by allowing more interested participants the opportunity to own a portion of the asset. In tandem with this feature, we are developing a catalogue of licenses to assist with NFT DAO acceptance of multi-owner NFT arrangements.
Automatic Floor Sweepers — With these programmable systems, aficionados and die-hard collectors will be able to grab entire NFT collections simply by establishing a price they would be willing to purchase for each item in the collection.
Synthetic NFTs — creating synthetic markets to track entire collections and specific NFT sets. We also are intending to use synthetic NFTs to cross the physical to digital divide and bring legacy physical collectibles into a more liquid and transaction efficient arrangement.