Stake & Earn Program

GooseFX Locked Staking Rewards Program
Welcome to GooseFX's Staking Rewards Program! By staking your $GOFX tokens, you become eligible to receive a portion of the platform's revenue. Simply put, your stake in $GOFX can earn you money!
$GOFX Staking Rewards

Understanding the Program

Our Staking Rewards Program is designed to distribute 25% of our platform's total fee generation back to our users. The fees are collected from a range of our offerings, including swaps, our NFT aggregator, our Perps DEX, and single-sided liquidity pools. Once collected, these fees are converted into USDC, providing a stable payout, independent of market volatility.

Claiming Your Rewards

The size of your reward is directly proportional to the amount of $GOFX tokens you have staked. More staked tokens mean more rewards! You're able to claim your earnings on a daily basis, adding to the simplicity and appeal of our program.

Unstaking GOFX Tokens

Should you choose to unstake your $GOFX tokens, bear in mind that a seven-day lock-up period applies before you can withdraw them. During this cooldown period, you won't be earning any rewards.


Let's say you deposit 1000 $GOFX and the pool currently has 100,000 $GOFX deposited. Thus your share of the rewards pools is 1000/100,000 = 1/100. Thus you will be eligible to receive 1% of the rewards pool. If the platform generates $100,000 in fees 25% of those fees will be sent to the rewards pool and thus you be eligible to receive 1% of the $25,000 = $250 claimable in USDC.

Join Us Today

Come join the #GooseGang today and unlock the earning potential of your $GOFX tokens. Stake your tokens with us and watch your rewards grow each day. At GooseFX, your tokens aren't just held, they're put to work for you!