Staking Rewards Program

GooseFX Locked Staking Rewards Program
Welcome to GooseFX's Locked Staking Rewards Program! If you're staking $GOFX tokens, you're entitled to a share of the platform fees we collect. That's right, you earn just by staking $GOFX!
$GOFX Staking Rewards

Understanding the Program

Our Locked Staking Rewards Program allows you to earn a share of the fees that are generated across our platform. Whether it's from swaps, NFT aggregator, or our Perps DEX, 25% of these fees generated are distributed back to our users.
When these fees come in, they're converted into USDC. This means your rewards remain stable, regardless of the market's volatility.

Claiming Your Rewards

Your reward is calculated based on the proportion of GOFX tokens you've staked. The more tokens you stake, the higher your share of the reward! You can redeem your rewards daily. It's as simple as that.

Unstaking GOFX Tokens

If you choose to unstake your GOFX tokens, you'll need to wait for a seven-day cooldown period before you can claim them back. However, it's important to remember that during this cooldown period, you won't be earning any rewards.

Join Us Today

Join the #GooseGang today and start earning rewards! It's as simple as staking your $GOFX tokens and watching your rewards accumulate. With GooseFX, your tokens can work harder for you!