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How to Swap Tokens

A walkthrough for new users

1. Create a Solana wallet

To use GooseFX, you will need to have a compatible Solana wallet. GooseFX currently has support for Phantom, Glow, Solflare, Torus, Math Wallet, Solong, Sollet, and Slope. GooseFX is a decentralized protocol on Solana that helps users trade tokens and NFTs, provide liquidity, and more in a non-custodial manner. This means that the application interacts indirectly with you through the wallet.

2. Fund the wallet with SOL

GooseFX is a decentralized application built on Solana and thus to conduct transactions you must pay Solana network fees for transactions and these fees are paid in the SOL. You have multiple ways to purchase SOL such as one of these centralized exchanges: FTX, Binance, Coinbase, MEXC, Gate, etc.

3. Connect your wallet with GooseFX

Click “connect wallet” on the GooseFX home page, then enter your wallet password, click ‘’Unlock‘’, and then click ‘’Connect‘’. Once connected you will be able to interact with the platform.

4. Swap Tokens

Once you have connected your wallet you will be able to select the token you would like to use to perform the swap and the token you would like to recieve. After choosing the tokens and entering the amount you would like to swap click "Swap." You will then be prompted by your wallet to approve the transaction. After clicking "Approve" your swap will begin and you may confirm the transaction by checking a Solana network explorer.