1️⃣Tier 1 - The Egg

As you might expect with an egg, the first step is simply to hatch it. To do this, visit NestQuest.io and enter the game board by connecting your wallet. It will register the egg in your wallet and allow you to start incubating. When you incubate the egg on the NQ board a timer for 30 days appears. At the end of the 30 days the egg will hatch and be available for withdrawal.

NestQuest players start on the same level playing field, all of the Eggs are the same, there are no pre-assigned attributes.

Attributes are only randomly assigned as users advance through the NFT Tiers.

Game Lore - The Egg

A mysterious egg abandoned in a peculiar tree stump nest. The egg emits a faint glow, as your hand gets close to the surface you feel radiant heat. Something is alive inside. You must incubate this egg for it to hatch.

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