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What is GooseFX?

GooseFX is your ultimate DeFi destination on Solana for trading perpetual futures and experiencing our innovative single-sided liquidity pools. Our mission is to streamline your DeFi journey, offering a seamless platform to trade and earn yields effortlessly.

Our single-sided liquidity pools mark a significant advancement in yield earning. Gone are the days of the traditional 50/50 asset split & the hassle of constant management. With GooseFX, you can simply stake a single token in our pools and earn rewards daily!

In addition to our groundbreaking SSL pools, GooseFX proudly features a fully on-chain Centralized Limit Order Book (CLOB) based DEX. This platform revolutionizes the way you trade derivatives with utpo 10x leverage, ensuring a robust and efficient trading experience.

Key Features

  • Perpetual Futures DEX based on a CLOB design (not AMM or synthetic)

    • Upto 10x leverage

    • Lowest Fee on Solana

    • Incentives for Market Makers

  • Single Sided Liquidity Pools

    • Earn yields by staking a single token

    • Instant deposit and withdrawals

    • Daily rewards

  • Stake GOFX - Earn USDC (Revenue Sharing)

The Team

Our team at GooseFX comprises skilled engineers led by Rust experts with over eight years of experience. Our senior engineers, seasoned in traditional finance, specialize in algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis. Initially focused on CEX market making, we pivoted to DEX market making and arbitrage, leveraging our diverse expertise in engineering, finance, and databases to innovate in the DeFi space. We found Solana to be the most performant chain meant for traders and with a background in Rust, we decided to build a protocol on top of our MM activities.

Our goal at GooseFX has always been simple Keep a community first DeFi protocol. This is illustrated by our user first tokenomics with fee share and burn mechanisms.

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